Alaska to Africa Travel

Does Your Team Need to Escape?

Adventure travel is the best investment your company can make and here’s why!

“What an adrenaline rush! We nearly flipped on that last rapid!” an excited CEO announces to his team after completing a trip down the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. At Alaska to Africa Travel we have a motto: Do something awesome. Together. Why? Because while adventure travel is a significant investment for any company, the benefits of these life-changing experiences TOGETHER with a team is priceless.

Corporate teams are experiencing a culture crisis that not only affects morale but deeply impacts their bottom line. As a former Wall Street employee for 15 years, I experienced first-hand how the lack of authentic connections decreased engagement, retention, happiness, and productivity in the highly competitive environments of the corporate world today. I had a burning desire to make a change and to help the sorts of teams that I’d worked so closely with.

As I began to tap into my passion for adventure travel, having been born and raised in Alaska and later falling in love with the immensity of Africa, I realized how connected these experiences were to my corporate success. My firm, Alaska to Africa Travel, was quickly born to transform corporate teams and leadership, allowing them to solve their problems while also helping to reclaim their balance, think bigger, and become highly collaborative. Our custom designed team-building and leadership training adventure travel for highly successful teams has taught me unequivocally that escaping the concrete jungle should not be viewed as simply a luxury, but a tool to mold a thriving business that surpasses its competitors not only in profits but in culture!

Kelly Mwila, Founder & CEO, Alaska to Africa Travel, LLC | | 347-755-6511