A Good Night’s Sleep…A ‘Must’ For The Travelling Soul

Whether travel is for business or a planned vacation…many people find it very challenging to get the good night sleep they need in a strange bed. We require 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night for peak performance. While traveling this can be particularly difficult, especially across time zones. . It doesn’t take long to see the symptoms of sleep deprivation and jet lag…body fatigue, digestive problems, difficulty concentrating, slow reaction time, poor judgment. That’s one way to ruin a vacation.

There are numerous resources that offer tips on how to make our journeys less stressful. However, traveling with the comforts of home is likely the best tip out there.

What qualifies for these spiritual comforts is personal. Our favourite pajamas, our smart phone and charger… our pillow? When it comes to packing the decision comes down to what matters the most to your body, mind and … soul.

And nothing can challenge a soul while on vacation like a poor night’s sleep.

From the stress of packing, to flight delays and lost luggage …the last thing we need at our destination is to find ourselves tossing and turning and wishing

we had the comfort of our own pillow between our head and a foreign hotel bed. Whether it is being at the top of your game for a business meeting or enjoying your sight seeing excursion it is not the time to be suffering from neck pain, head aches and lack of sleep. Recent studies from the University of Pennsylvania show that even partial sleep deprivations has a significant effect on mood, with subjects reporting feeling more stressed, angry, sad and mentally exhausted. Dr. Lawrence Epstein. Sleep Specialist from Harvard Medical School, goes fiuther to say, “People who have problems with sleep are at increased risk for developing emotional disorders, depression and anxiety. There is no doubt that bringing your favorite pillow is one the best sleep aids you can have while travelling.

A survey presented by sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus found that 41% of Americans take their pillow when traveling on vacation (5o%women and 31% men). He says, “If you are not sure about the sleeping environment at your travel destination, an easy solution is to bring your own pillow with you.” If your quality of sleep at home is nothing to write home about you start with the idea of investing in a high quality ergonomic pillow which could be the answer to your sleep disturbances.

If we can’t bring our own bed on our travels…at the very least let’s have our pillow!

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