Want More Beautiful Skin?

Columbia SkinCare, founded in 1871, is a premium skincare company with products that are unmatched in quality and efficacy. And every step of the way, they’ve put real scientific results ahead of hollow promises.

Their products employ probiotics, plant stem cells, and peptides to build healthy skin from the bottom up — from the dermis to the epidermis — by actually feeding it with the nutrients it needs to regenerate itself naturally.


This natural, proprietary blend of beneficial probiotics, botanicals, and peptides keeps the bacteria in and on your skin balanced by promoting the health of the microbiome. The result — the renewal of skin cells is naturally stimulated and accelerated, making the skin function more efficiently and promoting more rapid cell renewal to mimic the activity of skin younger than it is.


The health benefit to the skin is largely achieved by the probiotics in Columbia’s proprietary formula. These probiotics are specifically made to be used topically but work on your skin in a similar way to how ingested probiotics work in your digestive tract. They facilitate the body’s natural processes of renewal, regeneration, and rejuvenation, resulting in naturally improved, healthy functions. These functions can slow down when we age, or when we lack proper nutrition, sleep, or water intake. Columbia’s topical products bring the skin back to its youthful function, just as proper foods, water, and rest heal, restore, and rejuvenate your body.


There are likely many more applications to come for probiotics as these “good bacteria” show remarkable potential for making the body work

more efficiently for longer periods of time. To bring your skin back to the optimal healthy state of its youth, combine a healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep, and a core skincare regimen with Columbia Probiotic Concentrate and Columbia Probiotic Complex.


Backed by clinical trial evidence, Columbia SkinCare has created a first-of-its-kind product that makes the skin renewal process more efficient — creating healthier, and ultimately, more beautiful skin.


email us at info@columbiaprobiotics.com, or call 1.914.337.5131