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Aboriginal Australia Uluru. Substantive change is required from the country's government, one leader says. Uluru’s origins in formation go back half a billion years.

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Uluru Ayers Rock Australia by FIONA
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Journey to Uluru Australia's Aboriginal Heritage and
Aboriginal owners ban climbing Australia's sacred red rock
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Ayers Rock Australia’s Best Natural Landmark Travel Featured

Aboriginal beliefs connected with uluru (ayer's rock) kunia & liru. Tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays from ayers rock resort. They were here for centuries before european invasion in the 1800s.

Ayers Rock Australia’s Best Natural Landmark Travel Featured

Located at the heart of the australian continent and measuring 10 km around and 348 ft high, it dominates the surrounding landscape. It also symbolizes indigenous land rights. A biography of the australian continent : Uluru australian aboriginal legendary place ayer's rock, the ancient site of aboriginal dreamtime.