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Australian Daintree Rainforest Plants. This includes 30% of australian frog, marsupial, and reptile species, 65% of bats and butterflies, and 20% of the continent's bird species. One of the most primitive of all the flowering plants in the daintree rainforest, this uniquely named plant was discovered only recently in 1970.

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The daintree is in australia, make sure you only use plants and animals that live here! Four cattle belonging to local farmer john nicholas from the daintree tea company were unexpectedly found dead in their paddock. Some notable plants in daintree rainforest:

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See more ideas about daintree rainforest, plant species, rainforest. Australia is the worst offending country in the world for mammal extinctions. 430 species of birds live in this rainforest, 13 of them. Endemic species are species that are found nowhere else on the planet.