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Climbing Uluru Australia. Climbing uluru is not allowed any more. The uluru climb closed permanently from 26 october 2019.

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The Uluru Climb — BucketTripper

Isn’t the ban long overdue? Uluru is sacred grounds and for that, the locals have been asking visitors to refrain from climbing it for many years. Uluru has been sacred to anangu for tens of thousands of years, and climbing uluru was not generally permitted under tjukurpa (anangu law and culture).

The Uluru Climb — BucketTripper

Isn’t the ban long overdue? Ahead of a climbing ban that will be instituted on oct. On october 26, 2019, to coincide with the 34th anniversary of the return of uluru to traditional owners, the ban on climbing uluru came into effect. The local aboriginal custodians (anangu) preferred that visitors didn't climb the rock, mainly due to cultural reasons as the track to the summit crosses over a sacred.