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Fotos Uluru Australia. The anangu people are the traditional owners of the landscape. All items / photos /.

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Why Australia's Uluru Could Be Closed to Travelers Condé

This stock photo is 4096px by 1365px. Gm697901510 $ 12.00 istock in stock Uluru national park, northern territory, australia.

Why Australia's Uluru Could Be Closed to Travelers Condé

It lies 335 km (208 mi) south west of the nearest. Stock photo by surz 2 / 78 military dragon stock photo by surz 5 / 633 outback montage stock photography by mouskie 2 / 211 uluru picture by ivonnewierink 0 / 134 holy signs stock photography by ivonnewierink 1 / 132 blue sky over australian outback landscape stock image by jovannig 1 / 16 uluru, ayres rock, australia pictures by imagex 0 / 101. Find the perfect uluru australia stock photo. They believe that uluru and kata tjuta are remnants of the actions of ancestral beings during the dreamtime (the time of creation).