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Great Barrier Reef Australia Ecosystem. As the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem the great barrier reef is home to approximately: 2 the reef is home to more than 400 types of coral, as well as coral sponges, mollusks, rays, dolphins, and a diverse array of tropical fish, birds, and reptiles.

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The Great Barrier Reef is worth 15 billion 20 billion

There are likely many more—new discoveries are frequently being made, including a new species of branching coral discovered in 2017. This biome, although a part of the ocean is not considered to be a part of the ocean biome. Some remain in their natural state while others have been.

The Great Barrier Reef is worth 15 billion 20 billion

Media reports around the world have brought the mass coral bleaching of australia. Seaweed is important to all of the oceans because they provide food and protection for many animals. Large reef fish, sharks, eels and barracudas make up the tertiary consumers which are at the top of the food chain. The report by the great barrier reef marine authority, which manages the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem, comes three days before a united nations delegation is due to assess whether the.