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Lamington National Park Australia. This pristine example of ancient rainforest is a world heritage listed national park, and is home to the famous o'reilly's guesthouse in the appropriately named green mountains. Lamington national park is located in the gold coast hinterland, close by the new south wales border, and is a popular weekend getaway spot for many southeast queensland residents.

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Lamington National Park National Park in Australia
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Four years after the arrival of the o’reilly family in 1911 lamington national park was declared, effectively isolating the o’reillys from the outside world. Its landscape consists of mountains with panoramic views, lush rainforests, creeks and waterfalls that are home to many animal including threatened bird species, making it a great place to hike, camp and watch wildlife. Part of australia’s gondwana rainforests, a unesco world heritage site, lamington national park is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Chalahn Falls, Lamington National Park Queensland

18km springbrook national park national park in australia. Lamington national park is part of the gondwana rainforests of australia world heritage area, the most extensive subtropical rainforest in the world. Lamington national park is just a short distance from the bustling gold coast, set within the gold coast hinterland. Habitats within the park vary, including subtropical and remnant rainforests, ancient antarctic beech forests, as well as some sclerophyll and eucalyptus forests.