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Uluru Red Rock Australia. First a dedication to my loving aunts, then a few sketches from my teen years, and lastly, photos of uluru, fuluru, and muluru. They’d piss on it and climb it just as readily as any other tourist to central australia.

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It's an imposing and impressive sight, one which really does go to show the power and beauty of nature. Photo by david whitley/ australia travel questions well, how big is uluru? The rock gets its bright red colour from iron minerals within the rock rusting as they are exposed to the outside air.

Uluru the most Famous Rock in Australia Aussie Mob

Uluru, also known as ayers rock, is a large sandstone formation situated in central australia approximately 335 kilometers from alice springs. Made of sandstone, ulu r u is often referred to as the heart of the ‘red centre’ and is one of australia’s most recognisable landmarks. This massive sandstone monolith is the second largest in the. If you want to visit uluru in the northern territory’s red centre, it’s far better to book a direct flight to ayers rock airport than attempt the five hour drive between alice springs and uluru.