Wave Rock Australia How Was It Formed at Australia

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Wave Rock Australia How Was It Formed. And the image of kokerbin rock towering over the surrounding plains provides excellent. It is a type of rock formation known as a flared slope.

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Australia. The Wave Rock derives its name by its form
This spectacular formation is said to have formed over 60
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This Incredible Natural Rock Formation In Australia Looks
Wave Rock, Western Australia
Old Wave Rock in Hyden Australia Wave Rock is a natural

Wave rock is believed to have formed 2700 million years ago (well before dinosaurs strolled around) and the 110m long curved cliff face is part of the north face of the remnant hyden rock. The rock is called wave rock. The cliff was formed by weathering and erosion over millions of years.

Old Wave Rock in Hyden Australia Wave Rock is a natural

57.9 mb (58.0 compressed) 5025 x 4030 pixels. The formation of the cliff face of wave rock occurred by millions of years worth of erosion and weathering by wind and water and chemicals undercutting the bottom, leaving the curved overhang that we see now. How old is wave rock western australia? Wave rock is a granite rock formation located in western australia.