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Wave Rock Australia Interesting Facts. Over 100,000 people visit wave rock each year. Wave rock is an interesting natural rock formation located east of the small town of hyden in western australia.

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Wave Rock
Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia Wave rock, Waves

It is composed of granite and the total outcrop covers several hectares. Wave rock is a staggering 15 metres high, and stands in the form of a wave just about to break. The striped colors also make it pretty fascinating wave rock wa quite literally stands in the middle of the wheatbelt, with not a whole heap around it.

Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia Wave rock, Waves

The enormous rock is in the shape of a wave and appears to be captured in stone seconds before breaking. This is about 340 kilometres east of perth and sits on the north side of a hill, known as hyden rock. More than 140,000 tourists visit wave rock every year. Made out of millennia of layers of stone, this natural formation looks as though it is actually petrified water.