A Weekend Getaway To #EXPLORENIAGARA

For some travelers, Niagara Falls is the most breathtaking natural wonder of the world, with its unrelenting flow of water and ever-present mist. For others, it’s a relaxing sanctuary, offering luxurious hotels, fine dining, and one of the world’s emerging wine regions. For even more, it’s an exhilarating thrill ride, offering casinos, zip lines, and awe-inspiring helicopter rides. The next time you’re considering a weekend getaway, remember that Niagara Falls offers all this and more.

The story of Niagara Falls actually starts about 10,000 years ago, when one of North America’s last-remaining glaciers carved the beginning of its path, and the escaping water formed the great lakes. Fast-forward to the modern era, and the crest of the waterfall has retreated almost 7-miles from its original location, and an entire city has formed around it in appreciation.

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this year, Niagara Falls has recently unveiled a new nighttime lighting grid in anticipation of the 14-million visitors it will host this year. The new LED light double the illumination power of the previous system, while using a fraction of the energy. Add in over 60 evening fireworks presentations over the course of the summer, and guests in 2017 will be seeing Niagara Falls in a whole new light.

An accessible drive from anywhere in the north-Eastern U.S., and a short drive from the international airports in both Toronto and Buffalo, Niagara Falls presents an accessible bucket list destination for any traveler. Come and #ExploreNiagara.