With crisp snowflake sprinkled air, the Falls framed by Mother Nature’s breathtaking icicle art and summer crowds long gone, you could say the natural wonder is at its peak during the winter months! Whether you embrace the cool winter elements, or would rather cozy up inside to a breathtaking view, winter may just be the ideal time to #ExploreNiagara.

Now that you’ve decided Niagara Falls will be the backdrop for your winter wonderland adventure, your biggest dilemma will be deciding which combination of the vast experiences offered during the cold months you’ll choose.

Ready to take on the cold outdoors!? Journey Behind the Falls and get up close and personal with the thundering icy waters that freeze around the crest of the Falls. Sheets of ice and snow form so thick that it can appear that the falls have completely frozen over. If that’s not cold enough, sip on a glass (or bottle) of renowned local icewine during Niagara Icewine Festival weekends in January celebrating the frosty harvest! Round off your busy days and light up your night with a drive along the Winter Festival of Lights, Canada’s largest illumination festival and the premiere illumination festival in North America. The light show continues with the nightly Falls Illumination. With a new $4 million lighting grid, twice the light with 82% less energy, you will see the epic Niagara Falls in a whole new light — literally!

Prefer to stay on a path of warmth? Take a ride in the Clifton Hill Skywheel where you will soar above the city in a climate controlled gondola that provides views of the Falls and chilly snow below. Make some new friends and step into the Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. There, you can stroll through lush greenery and have the soothing trickle of waterfalls be your soundtrack for the day. Take in the magical sight of 2,000 delicate butterflies as they flutter around and even land gently on you. If it’s more a tropical paradise you’re craving, then take in the world’s largest indoor aviary. Escape to Bird Kingdom where you’ll find exotic winged creatures including 400 birds from more than 80 species worldwide. Also in the mix are bearded dragons, tarantulas, pythons and a slew of other incredible creatures that add to the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforest. For beach bums seeking a dip, visit one of three local waterparks. And, while you’re on cloud nine, take off with Niagara Helicopters on one of their majestic tours and circle way above the epic Falls.

This is just a small sampling of the unforgettable year round experiences that await you in Niagara Falls, in addition to taking in the majestic natural wonder itself. An accessible drive from anywhere in the north-Eastern U.S., and a short drive from the international airports in both Toronto and Buffalo,

Niagara Falls presents an accessible list of winter activities for any traveler. This is just the start of your Niagara Falls Winter Adventure, come and #ExploreNiagara!