Mike and Tyler in Vancouver

If you are looking for a safe place to travel, where you will feel welcome – no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation you are – you’ve come to the right place. Horizon Travel Magazine is proud to introduce Adventures of Mike and Tyler. This recently engaged couple are celebrating one love and touring the world seeking out big and small adventures that everyone can enjoy. Mike Chalut is all about the experience and Tyler Freebairn is a devil for the details. Together these two world travellers will show you what you want to see and get you motivated to save for your next great adventure. You just never know where these two will end up next!

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Mike and Tyler hiking in Vancouver

“Sorry, Mr. Chalut…your luggage didn’t make it.” When this happens, what can you do? Freak on the kind lady at the front desk? Have a hissy fit? Cry because your favourite Gucci Belt is somewhere in outer space? Whatever…who cares! An airline does whatever they can to find your bag and make you happy… So in the meantime head to the closest drugstore, grab yourself a toothbrush, dive into the fragrance department, and shower yourself with all your favourite scents and get exploring. Summer ain’t over yet! Vancouver here we are!

If you haven’t been to Vancity you need to add it to your bucket list. We didn’t have a stitch of clothing, so we rented a car and started exploring. The mountains, the people, the food…even the weather is incredible. So it rains for 2 seconds and then stops, who cares! Vancouver is spectacular!

Airplane view of Vancouver

If you are renting an Airbnb or hotel I suggest you stay in the downtown area. Gas Town, Yaletown, Davies Street will make your heart sing. You definitely don’t need to rent a car because the walking and shopping will keep you fit and fabulous. Speaking about fabulous; the people in Vancouver are just that. Everyone is so helpful, asking for directions or where to go is easy-breezy. Are you a sushi lover? OMG!

Park in Vancouver

We didn’t eat anything else. Sushi for lunch, sushi for dinner, and sushi for a late night snack. We ate ALL the sushi!

Food in  Vancouver

Stanley Park is free and fun. I would have to say it is one of our top 5 parks to walk in and go on an adventure in North America. The culture and restaurants are divine and the walk will take you an entire day — so plan to burn some serious calories.

Date night? The nightlife in Vancouver can be cute and classy if you decide to do something low key, but if you are feeling like a Kardashian and want to get all glammed up, you need to go to the Lobby Bar of the Fairmont Hotel. Live music, amazing cocktails, and the service is sensational. If you are really feeling frisky, you can jump on a boat and in just over an hour you are in Victoria — if you are lucky you can wiggle with a whale or two.

Mike and Tyler at the Fairmont in Vancouver

In case you were wondering, yes, our airline found our luggage and allowed us to expense everything we needed from the drugstore. We didn’t charge them for our fragrance bath in aisle 3. Moral of the story, summer ain’t over yet and there is so much to do and see in Vancouver. You will feel fresh and motivated when you leave because it seems the entire city is fit! Also remember; if your luggage is ever lost in transit, don’t take your anger out on the poor soul behind the airline desk. They are just the messenger.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer in the sun! Next stop Spain!
Adventures of Mike and Tyler @mitygroup

Mike Chalut

Mike Chalut

Dazzling us with his charm and larger-than-life personality, Mike Chalut keeps On the Go readers in the know with his monthly column Out On The Town. In addition, as a notable radio and television personality Chalut has many triumphs including hosting his own radio show on PROUD FM, interviewing Hollywood royalty on the red carpet, and hosted two popular TV shows, Wedding SOS and Kim’s Rude Awakenings.