Explore Carbondale, Il Providing Year-Round Southern Hospitality

Where can you find an atmosphere where culture and nature are perfectly in sync? Only Carbondale, Illinois! Where else can you find kayaking, biking, hiking, historical museums, shopping, microbreweries, wineries, music, and local eateries? Only Carbondale, Illinois! Home of Southern Illinois University and the gateway to the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, the wild beauty [...]

Fun Stops & Photo Ops

The First 100 Miles of Route 66 Start in Chicago, travel through Joliet to Pontiac and experience Route 66 in Illinois. The first 100 miles are full of nostalgia and kitsch. At the Joliet Area Historical Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center, you can pose with The Blues Brothers and learn more about [...]

Experience the Power of Outsider Art

Photo by John Faier Come find the unexpected in the heart of Chicago with art like you’ve never seen before. Intuit celebrates the power of outsider art, a mission grounded in the ethos that the instinct to create is universal - the arts must embrace and be accessible to all. Rarely [...]

Visit Rock Falls, IL

Where City Life & Nature Meet Run, bike, walk, canoe, or kayak along the historic Hennepin Canal and Trail. We are part of the Rock River Trail and right on the banks of this important waterway. Our yearly events keep visitors coming back, and our residents entertained. Our 2nd annual Art in the [...]

Endless Adventures Await in Carbondale

Home of Southern Illinois University and the gateway to the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, the wild beauty of the rolling hills of Carbondale, Illinois awaits you. This Midwestern town allows you to escape the fast pace of big city life, offering you that remote unparalleled feeling that is only achievable in southern Illinois. [...]

A Culinary Trip Outside of Chicago

Home to a rich history and vibrant arts community, Galesburg, Illinois offers a deliciously diverse food scene. This small city with big flavors doesn’t have big city prices. Start at Buenos Aires Bakery and Café for coffee infused with housemade dulce de leche and fresh pastries. Be sure to buy a jar of [...]