THE QUINTESSENTIAL COASTAL NEW ENGLAND GETAWAY South County is the reason Rhode Island is known as the “Ocean State.” Encompassing the southernmost part of the state, South County is full of lush forests and wildlife preserves that spill into 100 miles of beautiful [...]

South County

New England’s Most Loved Vacation Spot  Wrapped around the southernmost edge of Rhode Island, you will find one of New England’s most- loved vacation spots, South County. Blessed by nature, this scenic area is filled with wildlife preserves, protected parks, and forests that spill [...]

Providence The Creative Capital

Providence, RI is a quick and affordable escape from New York City. Sample cuisine from one of the country’s hottest culinary destinations. Shop for clothing tax free. Enjoy the work of emerging and established artists. Discover our rich history. And don’t miss the multisensory [...]

Discover Newport’s charm…

The city-by-the-sea For many, the holiday season in Newport is best described by a famed Christmas carol: It’s the most wonderful time of the year. White lights illuminate homes, shops, restaurants and the bustling wharves throughout the city. The tradition is meant to represent [...]