An ‘X’ a Day Keeps Pain at Bay 

Despite agonizing bone spurs and a subsequent hip replacement, Lila Polonosky keeps moving.

For years Lila lived with the pain of severe hip osteoarthritis. The grinding and intermittent sharp pains made it difficult to get into and out of her car, or even to sit in her favourite chair. Eventually, Lila turned to The Arthritis Society for help, and found herself in the Arthritis Self- Management Program (ASMP).

The ASMP is a two-hour per week for six weeks course, focusing on the skills that people with arthritis need – like talking with your family, employer, and physician, the use of assistive devices, and how to manage pain – in order to live better. But for Lila it wasn’t necessarily what she learned in the class itself, but what she took home.

One of the assignments in the first week of class was to do something physical. Lila chose to do a half-hour arthritis-friendly exercise tape each morning, which she would then mark off on her calendar with an x.

“From that point on, there were an awful lot of x’s on my calendar,” says Lila. “I didn’t want to miss a single day.”

From that day forward, she did her tape each and every morning. Little did she know how helpful that exercise would be. Amazingly, a mere two months after hip replacement surgery, Lila was walking, free of pain and completely recovered. She and her physicians credit her level of physical fitness in her speedy recovery.

If you are living with arthritis, please contact The Arthritis Society at 1.800.321.1433 or visit to find out how we can help.