Freedom Is Being Fully Charged

Electrical power has been in our grasp for quite some time now, but until recently, we have been restricted by how long the extension cord will reach. Our lifestyles have been defined by what we can do indoors versus what we can do outdoors, and even with the advancements in technology and communications, we still find ourselves restricted by battery life. Oh, the infamous battery indicator.

While we haven’t completed any official study, it would be easy to assume that in a span of 24 hours, 24 million people at one point had a mental debate about whether or not to pull out the laptop, or make one last phone call before their battery kicks the bucket. Think about all those times at the airport when you just happen to be that one person that can’t find a wall outlet to plug into. Think of all the times when you missed an amazing photograph because you were too concerned about your DSLR camera battery.

We have come to realize that portable power means much more than just extending battery life. It’s much more than recharging a laptop or camera. It’s empowering our lifestyles, and offering us opportunities to go farther. It gives us the ability to connect, communicate, explore, and experience. Sometimes in doing so we even end up saving lives or giving someone a new life. Freedom is being fully charged, and it is a vision that was introduced almost 10 years ago when AspectSolar began filing design patents for portable solar modules.

Now, using the latest solar and battery technologies, AspectSolar fused renewable energy with mobility to create solutions that offer real and reliable portable power fit for virtually any market. For instance, the EnergyBar™ 250 can power a laptop, lights, smartphones and tablets simultaneously and it fits nicely in your carryon luggage. Just don’t eat it. Electricity is no replacement for calories.

With the sun shining on us every day, it is by far our most abundant resource. So we can stop debating with ourselves about whether or not to take that next picture, or make that next phone call. There’s no need to turn off your devices to reserve battery life. Instead we can debate about whether or not to bring a television on the next camping trip. The possibilities are endless. Freedom really is being fully charged.

If you are a pilot, a sailor, a camper, a traveler, a photographer, a first responder, an explorer, or anyone who wants freedom from the grid, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about AspectSolar at Find out how you can power your lifestyle beyond the grid.