Barbados – Vibrant Culture, Exceptional Cuisine And A World Of Adventures!

Thanks to a year round climate of near perfect weather conditions, a clean natural environment and a safe and harmonious society, Barbados has become one the world’s most aspirational destinations.

There is a refreshing mix that goes beyond the usual visitor criteria of sun, sea and sand; where your days can be spent as busy or as leisurely as you choose.

When the sun goes down, the scene after dark is as vibrant and diverseas the island itself with entertainment including beach bars, pubs and rum shops, Jazz clubs, live entertainment and floor shows.

Explore the diversity and tranquility of the island. Whether it’s diving the 100ft. Stavronikita wreck, surfing the majestic waves at Bathsheba or paddle boarding on the islands’ platinum coast, Barbados truly is the island of soft adventure. If sport is your guilty pleasure, then join us at the Open Water Festival (2nd–6th November), Run Barbados Marathon Weekend (2nd– 4th December) or the International Rugby Sevens (10th–11th December).

Why not rent a car and delve into our heritage? Discover why Barbados is the only place outside the US that George Washington has ever visited or how the Treaty of Oistins signed in 1652 at the Mermaid Tavern in Oistins, Barbados, had a direct influence upon the American Declaration of Independence.

2016 is a very special year for Barbados as the island observes its 50th anniversary of Independence on November 30th. This milestone is being commemorated with a yearlong golden jubilee that will be a source of immense pride for Barbadians both at home and abroad. The celebrations will take the form of all things Barbadian including food, music, rum, culture and heritage and various sporting events.

Above all, the special flair of the Bajan people, who are considered the warmest and friendliest in the Caribbean truly make the destination what it is. Discover a vibrant culture, exceptional cuisine and a world of adventures! A getaway to Barbados is an experience that you’ll cherish forever.