Catch of a Lifetime – Make it Happen in Canada

Sun-kissed skies reflect off the cool, clear lake surrounded by lush green forests. The serenity of the moment is broken only by the tug on your line and the quickening of your pulse. The furious action below the water comes to the surface with a mighty splash.

Manitoba is home to some of North America’s best sport fishing. With over 100,000 lakes and 30 different fish species, angling opportunities are as convenient as they are endless.

Whether you are casting for giant pike, fly fishing for massive tiger trout, ice fishing for huge walleye, or reeling in gigantic channel catfish, Manitoba offers a wide range of exceptional angling experiences with real chances to catch that fish of a lifetime.

Drive or fly to a secluded wilderness lodge, complete with five-star amenities. Gourmet food and first-class accommodations complement the incredible fishing opportunities. Manitoba’s highly productive waters, along with its catch-and-release philosophy, mean many species grow to record-breaking sizes. Anglers are recognized for their achievements through the coveted Manitoba Master Angler Awards program.

And while local guides know the best places to catch the biggest fish, the tastiest fish are kept for the day’s shore lunch. Admire the untouched wilderness as your freshly caught fish is prepared lakeside. Relive the day’s triumphs in the luxury lodge and then be prepared to do it all over again.