Adventures of Mike and Tyler

If you are looking for a safe place to travel, where you will feel welcome - no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation you are - you’ve come to the right place. Horizon Travel Magazine is proud to introduce Adventures of Mike and Tyler. This recently engaged couple are celebrating one love and touring the world seeking out big and small adventures that everyone can enjoy. Mike Chalut is all about the [...]

Make Nicholson Yacht Charters Your Instagram Reality

If you’re tired of living vicariously through the travel shots on your Instagram feed, look no further than Nicholson Yacht Charters Inc. (NYC Inc.). Luxurious, exclusive, and oh-so insta worthy, NYC Inc. provides travel experiences that would incite envy in even the most discerning jetsetters. Imagine gazing up at a star lit sky from the glassy ocean, marveling at the most beautiful sunsets on the planet, and discovering breathtaking new destinations and a diverse [...]

The Biggest Polar Bear Enclosure In The World The Biggest Polar Bear Enclosure In The World It’s no secret polar bears love water. In the United States, they’re actually classified as marine mammals. What’s funny is, although we know polar bears have an almost symbiotic relationship with water and ice, there hasn’t been a facility in the world built able to give polar bears more than just an a few acres of access to water…until now. In fall of 2016 [...]

Tailor-Made Travel Journeys Designed Just For You Tailor-Made Travel Journeys Designed Just For You At Audley, we see travel differently. Instead of a one-size fits-all approach, we start with you and your interests. We listen to your ideas, then share our insider knowledge to help sort through the infinite possibilities until we’ve custom designed the perfect itinerary for you. At the heart of this service are our Country Specialists; experts in a particular region who share a strong passion for [...]

Find Powder Heaven Deep In British Columbia – Baldface

Find Powder Heaven Deep In British Columbia - Baldface Imagine yourself deep in the mountains of British Columbia — a snowcat has just dropped you and 11 friends on top of a pristine untouched slope, and your professional guide is pointing you towards the powder stash of a lifetime. Turn after turn, “Kootenay cold smoke” billows in your face until you reach the bottom and you are picked up to do it again [...]

Escape To Your Very Own Fairy Tale – Sheenco Travel

Escape To Your Very Own Fairy Tale - Sheenco Travel Imagine waking up surrounded by hundreds of years of history. Sleeping within walls that have stood for over seven hundred years. Now imagine five-star luxury within these walls and you will have some idea of what it’s like to spend a night in a Castle. And the fairy tale doesn’t end there. After breakfast why not partake in some pursuits that date back to the days of [...]

Collette Explorations

The World Revealed Through Small Groups Ignite your senses and enjoy a different type of travel. Collette’s line of Explorations tours are built around extraordinary experiences that reveal incredible culture, wildlife, and history across the globe. Traveling with a small group and a professional Tour Manager, you’ll venture off the beaten path and create memories to last a lifetime. See the Taj Mahal at sunrise. Explore Yellowstone in winter. Visit Northern Italy’s smaller, authentic towns. Venture to [...]

Alaska to Africa Travel

Alaska to Africa Travel Does Your Team Need to Escape? Adventure travel is the best investment your company can make and here’s why! “What an adrenaline rush! We nearly flipped on that last rapid!” an excited CEO announces to his team after completing a trip down the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. At Alaska to Africa Travel we have a motto: Do something awesome. Together. Why? Because while adventure travel is a significant investment for any company, [...]

Borton Overseas: Create a personal Journey of a lifetime

CREATE A PERSONAL JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME With over 100 years of travel experience, we at Borton Overseas know more than anyone what it takes to make a journey stand apart! Offering much more than your average tour operator, our wealth of hands-on experience, close partnerships and passionate staff are the perfect recipe for an unforgettable adventure off-the-beaten-path. From Africa, Scandinavia and beyond, choose from hundreds of unique, authentic experiences customized to your [...]

CIE – 84 Years Of Travel Excellence

From untouched landscapes to towns full of character and interest, Ireland is a destination travelers continue to return to year after year. Having been in the business for over 80 years, CIE Tours offers an ever expanding selection of tours to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. For travelers, these destinations are more than a location, they are experiences filled with memories that will last a lifetime. With a huge range of heritage sites and captivating [...]