Adventures of Mike and Tyler

If you are looking for a safe place to travel, where you will feel welcome - no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation you are - you’ve come to the right place. Horizon Travel Magazine is proud to introduce Adventures of Mike and Tyler. This recently engaged couple are celebrating one love and touring the world seeking out big and small adventures that everyone can enjoy. Mike Chalut is all about the [...]

The Queen of Country; Reba McEntire

The Queen of Country; Reba McEntire Heads up the 54th Academy of Country Music Awards By Lisa Lee & Taylor Payne There are really not a lot of things that Reba McEntire hasn’t done in iconic career, but co-starring with a 40-year-old 100-pound tortoise wearing his own tiny cowboy hat may just be one of them. That’s the surprise that awaited her on the Hollywood soundstage for this year’s CBS promo shoot, but [...]

Horizon’s 2016 Travel Recap: Top U.S. Destinations

The arrival of a new year invites us to reflect on the passing year and the experiences that came with it. 2016 was a fantastic year for travel in America, including year-round festivals from coast to coast, gorgeous summertime weather, and new attractions inviting travellers to explore. From the mouthwatering seafood prepared on the coasts of islands in Massachusetts to the colourful flavours and cultures in the southern states, America offers globetrotters a multitude [...]

Horizon’s Top 5 Destinations for Travel Photography

Horizon's Top 5 Destinations for Travel Photography Written by Michelle Johannesson If you're a photo junkie, these 5 destinations should be on your bucket list! 1. Ventura, California Sandy beaches and sunny skies have made Ventura, California a popular vacation destination for travellers wanting to experience endless summer. Ventura also offers fantastic photo opportunities to hobbyist and professional photographers alike. Panoramic coast lines [...]

3 Brave Organizations Protecting Earth’s Wildlife

3 Brave Organizations Protecting Earth's Wildlife By: Michelle Johannesson Current issues of climate change, habitat degradation, and wildlife exploitation have lead to severe population crises amongst many species. The World Wildlife Foundation estimates that at least 10 000 species become extinct each year at a rate that is 1000 to 10 000 times greater than the natural extinction rate. Fortunately, there are remarkable organizations who are bravely spear-heading [...]

Top 5 Travel Destinations In Canada For Fall 2016

Top 5 Travel Destinations in Canada for fall 2016 By: Michelle Johannesson Making travel plans? Canada offers some of the most scenic destinations in the world — especially in the fall! To give you inspiration for your next in country getaway we've compiled our top 5 ‘must-see’ fall destinations. Getting packing! 1. Jasper, Alberta Photo from: Horizon Travel Magazine Our #1 Canadian travel destination is Jasper, [...]