Donations Allow Girl With Cerebral Palsy to Do the Unexpected

She’ll never be able to walk.

She’ll never be able to ride a bike.

She’ll never keep up with her friends.

These are typical expectations for a child with a severe cerebral palsy diagnosis. But not for 9-year-old Molly Hall of Salinas, Calif. Hall walks with the help of a walker and regularly rides a bike with her family. As for keeping up with her friends, she’s at the top of her class.

Prior to Hall’s birth, her parents didn’t know anyone with special needs. They found they needed to learn and adapt very quickly. With a host of questions, fears and uncertainties, they turned to Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, one of 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, for life-saving and life-improving support. They’ve since come to appreciate the simple $1 donations given at registers or through other CMN Hospitals fundraising programs and events that have provided resources to help their daughter flourish.

“Children’s hospitals are charities and rely on donations to cover care expenses not covered by insurance or government programs,” said John Lauck, president and CEO of CMN Hospitals. “Without donations, children’s hospitals would not be able to provide treatments and services that help kids like Molly thrive. Our member hospitals rely on community support to best serve the 10 million children that enter their doors every year.”

It’s donations that have helped Hall beat the odds often associated with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Charitable funds purchased the custom-built mobility tricycle that not only helps strengthen Hall’s legs and core muscles, but also allows her to feel a sense of normalcy as she pedals alongside her siblings. CMN Hospitals funds also provided the pediatric crash cart used to save Hall’s life when she suffered a seizure and stopped breathing during an emergency room visit in 2010. Community support additionally made possible an underwater dive program for kids with special needs, a hospital playroom and a laptop that helps Hall excel in school and works with a special text recognition program to serve as her voice.

At recess, Hall plays kickball with friends, using her walker as a pendulum to swing her legs and kick the ball. With her family, she loves camping and speeding across the lake in an inner tube. Hall also enjoys collecting snails in the backyard, is a voracious reader and is working hard to gain enough strength in her hands to feed herself.

Recognizing how area donations have blessed their family, the Halls regularly share their daughter’s story and encourage donations to children’s hospitals that will help other kids live better. To learn more about the CMN Hospital serving your community and to Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are, visit