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There’s nothing quite like escaping the ordinary and heading out on an unforgettable cruise to the tropics. The sun, the sands, the excitement, cruising offers the perfect getaway from the stresses of everyday life.

The only thing that could possibly make your trip better is to begin it in the greatest city in the world. Dubbed The City That Never Sleeps, NYC has endless things to see and do all year round. When you ‘Choose Cruise’ out of New York City and make time to see the sights, you’re guaranteed the experience of a lifetime!

Home to some of the most famous attractions on earth and a plethora of hidden gems, there’s never a dull moment in the big city. From Times Square and One World Trade Center to the Empire State Building and Bronx Zoo, each of New York’s boroughs has an exciting array of attractions, activities, restaurants, cultural institutions, and more.

Treat yourself to mouth-watering cuisine in one of the City’s 24,000 restaurants. Peruse department stores, boutiques and flea markets for souvenirs. Check out lively sporting events or an award-winning Broadway show.

For those who love the arts you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find over 800 museums and galleries, so you’re bound to find something that piques your interest. Modern art, science and math, cultural history, entertainment for the kids, it’s all waiting for you to discover.

Don’t know where to start? There’s no better way to see the City than by taking a tour. Whether you’re a first-time visitor looking for the top attractions or a pizza-lover seeking out the best slices, this is a great way to experience the heartbeat of the City.

When you’re ready to set sail simply head to one of the two conveniently located cruise terminals in Brooklyn and Manhattan, each just a stone’s throw away from all NYC airports and the area’s major roadways. NYCruise is home to the world’s most spectacular cruise ships and has been serving cruise passengers longer than any other US city. Boasting year-round cruising, perks like no baggage charges and impressive itineraries including Caribbean, Bermuda, Florida, Canada & New England, and Transatlantic cruises, NYCruise is your ticket to adventure.

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