Paris Of The North

What is it about Dawson City? Some come for the history. Some come to visit the cultural oasis in the wilderness. Others still come here for the gold. Some are not sure why they come; they just know Dawson City is one of those places that everyone should see.

In summer and leading into fall, Dawson is like a carnival by day and a circus by night, brimming with art, music, natural history and festivals of all kinds. The city is filled with colorful local characters even former residents Robert Service and Jack London would have had a hard time dreaming up. The entire city is a national historic site. Dozens of original frontier and Edwardian buildings, restored to their former glory, offer the eye a rare glimpse into the past. At the same time, many structures have been left as they were, to show the ravages of permafrost and time.

The Tr’ondek Hwëch’in, descendants of the Hän-speaking people who have lived along the Yukon River for millennia, make up a third of the town’s population. Visit the Dänojà Zho Cultural Center where the locals share their story, culture and past way of life. Learn of a nation’s history that predates the gold rush by thousands of years.

Dawson’s nightlife is almost as legendary as the Goldrush itself. Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall, Canada’s oldest legal casino has a welcoming Goldrush themed atmosphere and hosts 3 dynamic shows nightly. Dare to be initiated into the ‘Sour Toe Cocktail Club’ (involves a real human toe), or sip a naughty martini in an exquisitely refurbished former brothel. Enjoy the live music that floods the boardwalk lined dirt roads as you stroll through this curious town. Dawson has all of the modern amenities a discerning traveler would require, yet offers rustic accommodations for a more authentic experience.

To learn more about why Dawson City is a must see on any Yukon or Alaskan itinerary, visit or phone toll free 1.877.465.3006.

Upcoming Events… Yukon Quest 1000 Mile International Sled Dog Race – February 2011