An Outdoor Recreation Lover’s Dream 

A trip or vacation here is just one great adventure after another – the exciting thrill of whitewater rafting, zip line and canopy tours, snow skiing and tubing, bi-plane tours, or climbing the face of the New River Gorge. However, it can also be found while watching the outdoor dramas, pedaling down single-track on a bike or hiking a trail in an abandoned coal mining town.

For the not so outdoorish, adventure awaits in more low key places and sometimes unexpectedly. While relaxing in a canoe on a lake, a big fish jumps out of the water. This is an adventure waiting for a visitor to experience it. While hiking a scenic trail in a state park, a family of deer or a flock of turkeys show up in your path. Another adventure waiting for a visitor to experience it. Many find adventure in trying local cuisine, seeing all the local talented artisan’s goods at Tamarack, or trying out a paddleboat on a lake. Adventure, like beauty, is perceived differently by all.

In Southern West Virginia, adventure is present in some way and some form, 365 days a year and because we have four distinct seasons, each season is a brand new adventure and another reason to either plan your first trip to our region, or make plans to re-visit and see what is new or different. When you visit Southern West Virginia, you will experience adventure at its best no matter what you choose to do or when your choose to visit.

Ever wonder how wine is made? What about vodka or whiskey? Southern West Virginia is home to Daniel Vineyards, Kirkwood Winery, and Watts Roost Vineyard. They offer fabulous mountain gown wines and a glimpse at the wine making process.. One of the newest attractions in the region is Smooth Amber Distillery outside of Lewisburg. Smooth Ambler Spirits is a small batch distillery making vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon using local and regional ingredients.

As you can see, everything in Southern West Virginia is an adventure. You can easily fill your days with rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, biking, zip lining and wish you had time to stay an extra day or two to do more. We encourage return trips for those who do not have that extra day!

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