Mieka Forte

With a massive rise in mental health issues and a constant barrage of fearful stories headlining news-stands, happiness as a priority – or even a possibility – seems like a far off distant fairy-tale. However, the author of the newly released book The Many Sides of Happy has a different perspective.

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“Fostering or choosing to prioritize our happiness doesn’t dismiss that someone may be struggling with a mental health issue nor is happiness selfish or frivolous. Happiness is still possible in spite of difficult circumstances and remembering it’s still available to us is important” said author, Mieka Forte.

Research is demonstrating the benefits of fostering positivity on our level of success, health, ability to problem solve…the list goes on and on. Mieka – a cancer survivor – has seen her share of trauma and adversity in her own life. In her book she speaks about her experiences and discusses evidence based positive-psychology research, ancient yoga philosophy wisdom, as well as her  experience teaching happiness workshops for more than eight years.

Mieka states that it’s incredibly important to define what happiness means on our own terms and to be honest with ourselves when we aren’t content, there are many sides to being human. However, we don’t only have to exist in struggle, fear, and angst. We have the ability to disrupt the cycle and if we can’t find the hope, then we can do intentional actions to be the hope.


The Many Sides of Happy - Mieka Forte