Travel isn’t defined by distance or the means to travel, but rather the act of being on-the-go from one location to the next. Recognizing we are all modern travelers by our own definition, ECBC—a leader in lifestyle-travel—designs backpacks, laptop bags and luggage for the everyday traveler. Whether running across campus, to the office, or hopping on a plane for a work trip or weekend getaway, each bag is carefully designed to ensure the tech essentials in tow are properly protected.

Every ECBC design features multiple interior compartments to increase organization and safety when storing electronics and accessories on-thego. Amongst its internal storage compartments, signature silhouettes feature ECBC’s FastPass® technology which allows travelers to leave laptops and tablets in place when passing through airport security lines, so travelers get to their destinations as efficiently and hassle-free as possible. In addition to an organized and protected interior, each bag’s exterior is constructed of high-quality, industry-tested materials, guaranteeing electronics and other valuables are protected from whatever elements the trip presents.

No matter the duration of the trip, your travel accessories should make the excursion more efficient and enjoyable, not less. With careful attention to detail and the needs of the everyday, on-the-go traveler, ECBC’s designs ensure the entire trip—security lines included—feel like a part of the journey.