Boasting a sharpened design and a new twin-turbo engine for considerably more power and torque, the new Porsche 911 Carrera truly is a thing of beauty. This timeless showstopper sets a new benchmark for luxury sports cars and is a dream come true for auto enthusiasts around the globe.

If you’ve been longing to get behind the wheel of the Porsche 911, Autobahn Adventures offers you a test drive like you’ve never imagined. This one-of-a-kind tour operator specializes in all-inclusive luxury driving tours through Europe. Picture yourself traversing the mountain passes of the Swiss Alps, weaving your way along historic roads in Tuscany, or driving the world-famous Autobahn at top speed. Autobahn Adventures gives you the rare opportunity to throw caution to the wind and put the pedal to the metal.

The fun starts the moment you arrive in Europe. After meeting your fellow travelling companions you’ll be handed the keys to the latest model 911 and faster than you can say “zero-to-sixty” your journey begins.  You’ll have the time-of-your-life driving from one breathtaking European city to the next, stopping at exciting attractions along the way. The entire route is pre-programmed into the navigation system, so you and your partner are free to explore the attractions you’re interested in at your own pace.

However a trip with Autobahn Adventures is much more than a luxury driving experience, it’s an opportunity to live the lifestyle synonymous with the Porsche moniker. On your journey you will stay at the most exquisite hotels and spas, dine on delicious gourmet food and fine wine, and visit a vast array of historical and modern attractions. You will also be treated to a series of unique experiences such as cooking classes, private boat tours, wine tastings, not to mention a behind the scenes tour of the Porsche Factory and Museum in Stuttgart.

The owners of the company, Mark and Tina Trewartha, personally escort each tour to ensure guests enjoy a seamless, stress-free holiday. In addition, they also have hand-selected every hotel, restaurant and experience to offer the highest standard of luxury.

But what truly makes the experience special are the relationships that are fostered along the way.  Autobahn Adventures brings together like-minded individuals of all ages to celebrate a common passion. On these adventures, life-long friendships are formed with guests coming back time and time again to experience new thrills on the open road.

Autobahn Adventures offers several all-inclusive Porsche driving tours through Europe each year, visiting amazing countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. Tours range from 13 to 15 days and start at just $10,995 per person, inclusive of everything except airfare.

Whether you are a car lover, an avid globetrotter, or simply have a soft spot for the finer things in life, Autobahn Adventures belongs on your bucket list.

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