Explore, Experience, And Learn With Outer Shores

Canada’s Pacific Coast is a world where humpback whales sing,  socialize, and cast nets of bubbles to corral shoals of herring; where close-knit family groups of killer whales intercept migrating salmon as they return to the glacier-scoured fjords and estuaries where they were born; where grizzly bears, “sea wolves”, and rare white spirit bears roam wild as they have for millennia; and where Indigenous cultures have been enmeshed in this rich ecological tapestry for more than 14,000 years. This is the world of the fabled Haida Gwaii archipelago, and the Great Bear Rainforest, the largest intact coastal temperature rainforest on Earth. And this is where we live, explore, experience, and learn.

With a lifetime spent on the water, a passion for sailing, and an academic career focused on marine ecosystems, I founded Outer Shores with the simple intention of connecting people with nature through firsthand knowledge and experience. Each year Outer Shores’ crew and guests set sail aboard our classic wooden expedition sailing vessel, the Passing Cloud, as we make our own annual migration and explore the longest and most complex coastline in the world. We combine pristine coastal wilderness, inspiring wildlife, expert interpreters, luxurious accommodations, freedom from roads and routes most traveled, and the enticing adventure of never knowing what’s around the next corner. I hope you’ll join us.

Russell Markel, PhD

Founder and President