Recognized in the travel industry as one of America’s largest tour operators, IsramWorld has been expanding its horizons to encompass some of the world’s most extraordinary destinations. Offering the highest quality tours over the past four decades, IsramWorld puts customer satisfaction first in creating enriching travel experiences for its clients.

“With a team of over 150 travel enthusiasts in the United States and our International Offices, our travel experts strive to offer not only a vacation, but a cultural and historic experience” says A.Ady Gelber, CEO and Owner of IsramWorld. “For a “foodie” or restaurant enthusiast, the team will select dining choices that offer a true taste of the region. Like a fine-tailored suit, IsramWorld customizes each itinerary to the clients’ personal interests. The goal is to make the clients’ dream vacation come to life by taking the stress and worry out of travel planning.”

Headquartered in New York City, IsramWorld manages an array of companies each focusing on their specified destinations. Isram includes the brand’s cornerstone destinations such as Israel, Jordan,Turkey,Greece and Egypt; Latour focuses on tours in Latin America; Orient Flexi-Pax Tours provides excursions to India, Orient and China; Escapades Vacations explores Morocco, Spain and Portugal; and EuropeToo offers travelers experiences in Central Europe and Russia.

New to the Isramworld Portfolio this year is ‘vistas’, a collection of value packed, and innovative vacations to several of their popular destinations. Travel enthusiasts can now travel to the world’s most extraordinary sites with unmatched savings, without compromising on service and quality.

Those interested in learning more may visit their local travel professional or call IsramWorld at 1-800-223-7460 or visit