“IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN THE MOST POWERFUL and influential course I took in high school” – Facing History student, San Francisco, California

Acts of hatred are battering communities all over the world. Every day, through reports of religious, ethnic, and racial violence, we see how fragile democracy can be in the face of prejudice. And it’s getting worse. Education might be the best opportunity we have to counteract the risk of young people across the globe continuing this cycle, yet schools aren’t currently up to the task. That’s why Facing History and Ourselves was created; to teach young people about bigotry and hatred so they can stop it from happening in the future.

The Facing History model of inquiry heightens students’ understanding of the origins of racism, anti-semitism, bigotry, and hatred; increases their ability to relate history to their own lives; and promotes greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities in a democracy. This knowledge helps students become more engaged and compassionate citizens — ones who are capable of changing the world for the better.

Effective teachers play a critical role in increasing students’ achievement, engagement, respect, resilience, and empathy. Facing History’s original resources, professional development, coaching, and support invigorate teachers and equip them with the tools they need to help students become thoughtful and responsible citizens of the world.

As a result Facing History is really making an impact. 99% of teachers participating in a Facing History seminar say they would recommend it to their peers, and 89% of teachers agreed that Facing History helped students think about the consequences of their choices.

Beyond the classroom, Facing History transforms entire schools into communities of respect, empathy, and academic engagement where issues of ethics, social responsibility, prejudice, and justice, are serious and shared. The organization also convenes audiences worldwide around issues related to sustaining civil society and the role of education toward that goal, through conferences, public programs, exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, and online.

Each year, Facing History reaches almost 4 million students in 150 countries. Imagine a world where Facing History is available in every classroom. Please donate to Facing History online at www.facinghistory.org, or join us this fall at one of our events. Teachers and students need your help.