Find your inspiration in Trinidad

the hidden gem of the North Coast.

When is the last time you truly felt a sense of awe? If you’re glancing through the glossy pages of a travel magazine, chances are you’re craving a getaway — an opportunity to not only an escape from the daily grind of traffic and to-do lists but to find inspiration through an unforgettable experience.

The quaint seaside village of Trinidad, just 6 hours north of San Francisco may just be the perfect inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Be refreshed by the coastal breeze. We are home to some of the most jaw-dropping coastline California has to offer, with pristine beaches perfect for tide pooling, a harbor ideal for kayaking around the sea stacks, or seaside trails with breathtaking views of that vast Pacific horizon.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the redwoods. Redwood National and State Park is just a few miles north of town, with unforgettable adventures for everyone. Feel small as you stand under ancient Redwood Trees in the Tall Trees Grove, or meander through Fern Canyon, a picturesque gorge full of verdant ferns and dripping waterfalls.

Find rejuvenation in our charming village. With a myriad of vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts throughout the greater Trinidad area, you can find the perfect getaway for you.

Come to the North Coast and discover your inspiration in Trinidad.

Photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Boyes, Lost Whale Inn, & Allison Formica