Escape life’s frenetic pace on an island 30 miles at sea—a charmed place with neither street lights nor neon signs, and a blissful silence interrupted only by the bleat of a foghorn or a flurry of squawking birds. An idyllic spit of sand with cobblestone streets, miles of deserted beaches and acres of moorlands brimming with rosa rugosa and beach plums. In short, a winter paradise, an island lost in time. Indulge in fine dining, a theater production, or a thought-provoking lecture. Immerse yourself in that classic novel you’ve been eager to read. Soak up the island’s rich and diverse history as the 18th century Whaling Capital of the World. Birdwatch—or people watch—with a heavenly calm as your backdrop. Experience the well-kept secret that is Nantucket in the off-season. It’s all waiting for you and, best of all…there’s no time machine required.

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