February is Heart Month Lower your risk, lengthen your life

Nine out of ten Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke. But the good news is that 80% of early onset of these diseases is preventable. In fact, there are nine risk factors that you can control:

• Smoking

• Physical inactivity

• High blood pressure

• Unhealthy diet

• Being overweight

• High blood cholesterol

• Stress

• Diabetes

• Excessive alcohol consumption

One key risk factor to manage is your weight – since a healthy weight can help control other risk factors as well. A modest weight reduction of as little as 5% of body weight can reduce your high blood pressure and total blood cholesterol. Visit www.heartandstroke.ca and search ‘healthy waists’ to learn more about how to achieve and maintain your healthy weight.

There are some risk factors you cannot control, including age, gender, family history, ethnicity and history of stroke or TIA. But by managing the nine modifiable risk factors, you can significantly reduce your risk.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation continues to develop and invest in strategies to prevent and manage heart disease and stroke – two serious diseases that cut lives short. February is Heart Month — please give generously:


Support our Heart Month volunteers when they come calling. You can also donate online www.heartandstroke.ca/donate or call 1 888 HSF INFO, 1 888 473 4636