PLEASE NOTE — our horizongetaways.ca is down for server side maintenance so we created the header and the footer on a different domain however all the links provided are the correct links that should be created.

This is the header and footer for horizongetaways.ca

Please use the same header and footer that you see on this page . PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LOGO IN THE HEADER NEEDS TO BE LINKED TO horizongetaways.ca .

Please note that in the footer the FAQ`s , Terms & Conditions , Privacy policy , Contact Us , Review Booking under the Hotel Booking column are links that we need for booking.com . Can you please provide these links and also add them to this footer on your site.

The cars/flights/packages column in the footer is associated with priceline.com who`s links we have already implemented in the footer.

Everything needs to be the same ie: links, colors, css etc. Only the logo needs to be changed .

If you have any questions regarding the css, responsiveness or any other issue feel free to get in touch at : harry@horizontravelmag.com

URL Masking Instructions

The CNAME for the url masking should be —— hotels.horizongetaways.ca