PLEASE NOTE — our horizongetaways.ca is down for server side maintenance so we created the header and the footer on a different domain however all the links provided are the correct links that should be created.

This is the header and footer for horizongetaways.ca which is associated with account no:7116

Please use the same header and footer that you see on this page . Simply replace the powered by booking.com logo with the powered by priceline logo provided below. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LOGO IN THE HEADER NEEDS TO BE LINKED TO horizongetaways.ca .

Everything needs to be the same ie: links, colors, css etc. Only the logo needs to be changed .

If you have any questions regarding the css, responsiveness or any other issue feel free to get in touch at : harry@horizontravelmag.com

URL Masking Instructions

The CNAME for the url masking should be —— booking.horizongetaways.ca