Inspiring People to Act – Matt Damon

Co-Founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, is an innovator in delivering safe water and sanitation across the globe. We focus on pioneering solutions that can solve the water crisis.

Our Vision: Universal access to safe water and the dignity of a toilet – in our lifetime.

The Challenge
Today, one in eight people lack access to safe water. More than twice as many don’t have a proper toilet. Lack of access to safe water and sanitation persists as one of the world’s greatest challenges, impacting health, economic development, and human dignity.

Today’s solutions are not enough. The dominant philanthropic response to this crisis is charity. This is a necessary first step. However, philanthropy alone will not reach the 2.6 billion people in need of safe water and sanitation. The crisis demands more.

Proven Success
For the past 21 years, has delivered proven water and sanitation solutions and pioneered innovative new approaches such as WaterCredit. WaterCredit facilitates small loans for water and sanitation. It taps into market forces, amplifying philanthropic investments by attracting commercial capital. This solution is on track to benefit one million people by 2015. In 2011, we launched the New Ventures Initiative and Fund, an effort designed to pilot, scale and disseminate the next generation of solutions that will catalyze change.

“Of all the things that keep people in this death spiral of extreme poverty, water is so huge. And it doesn’t have to be that way.” – Matt Damon, co-founder

In all we do, we focus on solutions that address the underlying causes of the water crisis and seek to find solutions that will deliver sustainable results.

Designing a Brighter Future
At, we think about the people without safe water and sanitation as customers with financial power, and as citizens with rights, responsibilities, and the energy to design their own futures. We aim to bring forth the capital, tools and partnerships needed to channel the intrinsic power of those in need. With your help, we will solve this crisis.

Take Action, Change Lives
Join us we move forward to end this crisis in our lifetime. Your donation will help bring clean water to those in need today. At the same time, it will support us in launching the next innovation, like WaterCredit, that will change the face of this crisis for those that live it every day.

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