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A Modern Country With Old World Flair

Located on the eastern shoreline of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea you will find Israel, a modern country with old world flair. Offering a tourism infrastructure that caters to every taste, Israel is the ideal vacation getaway.


The capital of Israel and the world’s holiest city, Jerusalem is a charming combination of timelessness and modernity. Promising a religious and spiritual experience with excitement and pleasure, this city allows visitors to indulge in its’ culture, arts, theater, music and gastronomic delights. Uncover the city’s fascinating historic and archeological sites such as the Botanical garden, the Old City, Mount Zion, the Mount of Olives and the significant Western Wall.


A vibrant cosmopolitan that has something for everyone, Tel-Aviv is a gastronomic haven, a shopper’s paradise and an exciting place to enjoy the night life. Home to a 14km stretch of golden sandy beaches, first-class art studios and museums, along with centuries’ worth of history, culture and archaeological sites, this magnificent city is a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site.

Dead Sea

Considered a truly priceless national treasure, the lowest point of the earth and a world-renowned health spa, the Dead Sea is celebrated for the natural healing properties, its’ highly saline water, sulfur pools, mineral springs and mud. While here partake in challenging and relaxing activities in the surrounding Judean Desert such as jeep tours, camel treks and Bedouin hospitality.


Located on the southernmost tip of Israel, this ultimate resort city and beach town attracts visitors from all over the world and captivates with its breathtaking granite mountain backdrops and the beautiful shimmering Red Sea. The city is known for having the best diving spots in the world, espe

cially its Coral Reserve just south of the city. Eilat is home to wide variety of restaurants to suit all tastes, many clubs, and its’ northern shoreline hosts vibrant bazaars during the summer.

Northern Israel

Home to 4 outstanding must-see cities; discover Northern Israel’s famous shorelines, fascinating attractions, unique beauty and extraordinary wineries.


is Israel’s third largest city and is one of the prettiest spots in the country. The beaches are popular for surfing and sailing, and the annual Haifa Film Festival is a tourist favourite.

The Old City of Acre

is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting a variety of tourist sites and cultural events that allow visitors to take a glimpse into the past. Acre is also home to the beautiful manicured Bahai Gardens and one of the liveliest marketplaces.


is world renowned for its’ rich history, picturesque cityscapes, charming architecture, ancient churches and colourful marketplace promising an authentic Middle Eastern experience.


is situated on the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. It offers a rare mixture of relaxation at their beach side hotels, history with contemporary attractions and serene quiet with active water sports.

Israel provides that extra dimension that will turn your holiday into a truly memorable experience, so complete your bucket list with an unforgettable getaway to Israel.