It’s Time to Visit Tamaulipas

Located in the northeast of Mexico, the state of Tamualipas offers a stunning experience of colors, flavors and nature to those who decide to visit her shores!

Nature in its purest state
Tamaulipas has over 250 miles of shoreline looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. Its coastlines are home to sanctuaries of the region’s indigenous animals as well as breathtaking beaches to enjoy practically all year-round. By the same token, the region abounds in lush vegetation and pristine natural spectacles such as the biosphere “El Cielo”; a protected area open to tourism, stretching out over 5000 square miles. This area is home to 4 unique ecosystems with over 740 species of trees and plants and dozens of species of protected animals, such as the jaguar, the ocelot and the puma, making the zone unparalleled for seeing these American felines. Furthermore, you can find up to 30 types of migratory birds; as well as the famous Monarch Butterfly, which is accustomed to stopping and resting in the biosphere during its lengthy journey towards the center of Mexico.

A taste of the traditional
The kitchens of Tamaulipas are known as some of the tastiest in Mexico due to the variety and superior-caliber of the agricultural products and seafood available locally. The recipes that have developed in the state, often in one single plate, will deliver the distinctive aromas and flavors of the sea and the tropics combined.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to speak of just one gastronomic tradition in the state, as there are several regions, each with its own rich heritage. Towards the south, the Huastecan influence can be observed in the most customary recipes; to the east, the supply of seafood and fish is fundamental; and to the north, in the border region, of note is the beef, dehydrated meats and the goat. Among the typical seafood plates, in Tampico there are delicacies such as snapper, bass, shrimp and the truly legendary stuffed-crab.

Given the richness and growing popularity of the cuisine of Tamaulipas, it is fitting that this year, the state government has brought the second edition of “Encuentro de Sabores” to New York, USA.

This international event’s purpose is to unite the culinary traditions of Tamaulipas with other traditions from around the world, by inviting two chefs to cook and share techniques, ingredients and recipes. Last year, chef Nacho Chicharro from the restaurant “Tatel” in Madrid, Spain, united with Ángel García of “El Porvenir” in Tamaulipas in the first edition of the event. This year, on October 5, chef Brian Kaywork of The Culinary Institute of America, NY, cooked alongside Mexican chef Hugo Urtaza in the second edition of this international culinary celebration, held on the CIA campus in Hyde Park, NY. Chefs Garcia and Kayword delighted the attending media, chefs, influencers and government officials from both New York and Mexico with rich and inventive interpretations of Tamaulipas cuisine.

An adventurer’s playground
As if the tempting food, picturesque beaches and rich protected ecosystems weren’t enough, the state of Tamaulipas has one of the most generous, highly regarded and well-developed game-hunting offerings in all of North America. Its location and geography -primarily in the north of the state — make it an ideal destination for hunting and fishing lovers, local and foreign alike.

Nature, culture, flavors and adventure; in Tamaulipas there are infinite possibilities to discover and enjoy, it’s about time that you did!