Many American couples struggle with infertility, and are delaying starting a family until later in life. But for the female partner fertility decreases with age, which makes natural conception more difficult.

Some US couples are taking control of the situation; they appreciate the impact of stress on their fertility and are looking outside the US for fertility treatment.

A popular destination for couples is Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC), in the Caribbean. With short daily flights from major US airports it offers a world class JCI accredited centre of excellence for IVF.

Couples are attracted to the natural beauty of the island with it’s clear blue waters and white sandy beaches, the perfect place for couples to unwind and spend quality time together.

Anna Hosford, Clinic Director, BFC said, “We have a seen a dramatic increase in the number of couples that we treat from the USA. Studies show that stress has a major impact on fertility so we have created the optimum environment for our patients to conceive.”

BFC offer a healthy mind body program for its patients, which combines massage, reflexology, and acupuncture, at their purpose built on site spa.

BFC has very impressive success rates, 71% for women under 35, which compares to just 42% in the USA. Add to this the lower treatment costs, typically $5750, and is no wonder US couples are combining their annual vacation with IVF treatment.

For more information please go to www.wemakebabies.com or email: contact@barbadosfertility.com