The long anticipated spring season brings more than just blooming flowers and cooing birds at The Lodge at Woodloch. A new Nourish, Nosh & Nurse with Nature program rolls out this spring to give guests practical knowledge about foraging and edible plants. The program will combine the excitement of survivalist skills along with the knowledge about the micro-local nutritional powerhouses that can be found in ones own backyard. Foraged foods offer a plethora of benefits such as:

• They are rich in phyto-nutrients, enzymes, fiber, chlorophyll and many other rich benefits

• Foraging also brings the benefits of hearty exercise, fresh air and sun

• Many foraged foods also have medicinal values to naturally cure various ailments

• Foraged foods are often genetically superior in order to survive in the wild compared to similar foods found in the grocery store (free of genetic modifications)

• Foraged foods are free and reduce your carbon footprint

Of course, the key is to be 100% positive about the correct identity of the plants, berries and mushrooms before consuming.

The new program will also offer practical ways to incorporate edible plants and foraged foods into your lifestyle. The Foraged Food and Preparation class will combine a unique cooking demonstration experience.