Imagine being able to securely manage access to your property anytime, anywhere. With OKIDOKEYS’ complete line of smart devices you can lock and unlock any door — including main doors, garage doors and electronic gates — using smartphones, cell phones and smart tags. Thanks to OKIDOKEYS you can very easily in just a few minutes enhance your current deadbolts to enjoy this system.

Superior to other residential products on the market, OKIDOKEYS’ new line of smart locks and keys provide consumers with a modern lock and key solution with unparalleled security, reliability and ease. No more leaving a key under the rug or losing your keys; OKIDOKEYS is ideal for granting long-term or time-limited access to family, friends, housekeepers, pet-sitters, contactors or renting guests. In addition OKIDOKEYS simplifies home sharing and rental property management.

Offering a number of options to fit all lifestyles and properties, OKIDOKEYS’ products work across a unique multi-technology platform and are not dependent on WiFi networks. This highly-secured web-platform can be accessed from any smartphone, laptop or tablet using the same security technologies used in banking and military sectors.

Using OKIDOKEYS App web portal, users can create, share and revoke keys with family, friends and all trusted third-parties. Users can even select different settings according to their needs, including the hands-free mode which unlocks the door automatically when an authorized user gets close by. What’s more, you can even be notified whenever your doors are used, so you know who accesses your home and when.

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