The Family-friendly U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands enjoys a long-standing reputation as one of the Caribbean’s most family-friendly destinations, boasting a combination of easy access, affordability, extraordinary natural beauty and accommodations that range from eco-tent camps to beachfront luxury resorts. Most hotels and resorts allow young children to stay in their parent’s room at no additional charge. The majority of the islands’ restaurants and cafes are family-friendly, many with special children’s menus, and an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

Few destinations offer a more diverse or engaging combination of recreational and educational activities for traveling families. Where else can children delight in petting sharks and turtles, and explore ancient petroglyphs throughout 7,000 acres of land? From guided hikes and kayaking tours that inspire a deep appreciation for nature to adrenaline-pumping underwater discoveries, the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John offer dozens of appealing attractions to captivate children.

St. Croix

Tito & Sue’s Crab Races

On Mondays Soldier Crab Races take place at the Marina Bar in King’s Alley and Fridays at the upstairs terrace of Stixx on the Waterfront. Both venues are right off the Christiansted boardwalk. These races are fun for the whole family and here, the kids can be as loud as they want to, and nobody will mind.

Half-Day Tan Tan Tour

These one of a kind 4×4 jeep tours take you off the beaten path to discover tide pools, breathtaking views, hidden sugar plantation ruins and much more! With your experienced guide at the wheel, you can let go of your worries as you take in the island’s beauty on this once in a lifetime tour. With each journey you get full cultural and historical backgrounds of each location.

Ay-Ay Eco Hike & Tours

Offers a variety of Eco Hikes which include an informal lecture based on the species actually encountered. The guide of the tours is one of the most respected Naturalists in the Caribbean.

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