Did you know?
• 90 percent of all adult smokers begin before age 18.
• 1 out of 5 high school smokers usually obtain their cigarettes by purchasing them in retail stores.
• The more tobacco marketing kids see, the more likely they are to smoke.

we are committed to our youth.
The NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City believes it is unacceptable for our youth to be lured into a life of tobacco addiction. Everyone has the right to breathe clean, smoke-free air where they live, work and play.

The Coalition is a health advocacy group that works in NYC’s five boroughs to increase awareness of tobacco control issues among community members and policy makers. Partnering with the community, legislators, and health advocates, we support neighborhood-based efforts to reduce youth exposure to tobacco marketing.

where Does Big tobacco market its deadly products?
Convenience stores, pharmacies and bodegas are some of the last places where the tobacco industry continues marketing. In New York City, there are almost 10,000 licensed tobacco retailers and approximately 75 percent of these stores are located within one thousand feet of a school perimeter. We are committed to reducing youth exposure to tobacco marketing.

why is it important to reduce tobacco marketing in stores?
In 2008, the tobacco industry spent $9.94 billion nationally on tobacco advertising, promotions, and price discounts for wholesalers and retailers. This is more than the amount spent to market junk food, soda, and alcohol combined. In New York State alone, the tobacco industry spends approximately $1 million per day to market its deadly products.

Studies show that even brief exposure to tobacco advertising influences adolescents’ intentions to smoke. With over two-thirds of teens shopping in convenience stores at least once per week, we must take action to reduce youth exposure to in‐store tobacco marketing.

why limit the sale of tobacco near schools?
Three out of four licensed tobacco retailers in NYC are located within a few blocks of a school. According to a 2011 public opinion survey, 65 percent of New Yorkers support limiting tobacco retailers near schools. Limiting the sale of tobacco products near schools will reduce our youth’s easy access to tobacco products.

what can you Do?
Please join our Coalition and support our efforts. For more information, go to NYCSmokeFree.org.