Like most goodwill organizations OmniPeace Foundation was created to help make the world a better place. However, when Mary Fanaro founded this humanitarian fashion brand back in June, 2007, there was no way she could have predicting just how influential her Los Angeles based non-profit would become. From humble roots, OmniPeace has grown each year, helping more and more youth in Africa break free from the shackles of extreme poverty and empower themselves.

Over the last few years, OmniPeace has done much to wage the war on poverty in Africa. Their social action campaign ‘Stamp Out Violence Against Women & Girls of Congo’ has helped raise funds and awareness with UNICEF and V-day Foundation for the City of Joy, a safe community and rehabilitation center for women and children, rape victims of violence. In addition, this non-profit sent two convoys into Somalia with the New York Giants to feed over 10,000 families who were severely affected by the famine in 2012.

However, one of the most powerful gifts OmniPeace provides is that of education. We often forget in this country how much education is a luxury. For us, it is an expectation, like food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, for many children in Africa, this isn’t the case. In order to break the cycle of poverty, every child needs to have access to a basic education. OnmiPeace is dedicated to making this happen. Working with visionary economist, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs’ in his Millennium Villages Project, OmniPeace has built seven schools in Africa, including Senegal, Mali, and Malawi. In total, over 5,000 children are now able to go to school and receive the education they need to succeed in life.

Of course, achieving this scale of success isn’t easy. In order to do their important work, OmniPeace relies on the sales of t-shirts and donations. Thankfully Miss Fanaro has been able to rally support from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Among these prominent figures is one of Fanaro’s dearest personal friends, Courteney Cox. Cox launched OmniPeace with Fanaro on June 21, 2007. She then went on to become the Ambassador for the brand as the first seven schools were built. Since the beginning, Cox has played a vital role in OmniPeace, supporting and launching every campaign for their schools and social action campaigns. Her continued support has helped lead their movement and has contributed greatly to their triumphs.

On June 25th 2015 Cox helped Fanaro launch a fundraising initiative for the foundation’s newest campaign, ‘Rwanda Rocks!’. Funds collected for the campaign will go towards OmniPeace’s eighth and first music school in Kigali, Rwanda. “Once she [OmniPeace Founder, Mary Fanaro] sets her mind to something, she goes for it! It’s amazing what she’s accomplished and I think we all should support her next venture which is ‘Rwanda Rocks!’ It’s a music school, so let’s do it…and why not!?” said Cox.

The OmniPeace School of Music Rwanda will give children the opportunity to explore music as a tool of self-expression, while improving their basic education. This program will serve as a vehicle to transcend cultural barriers, embrace human connectivity, and improve the overall outcome of a child’s long-term success.

The school will include a carefully, crafted curriculum created by a highly skilled group of music educators. This curriculum will be ‘open source’ and available to anyone looking to adopt this impactful music initiative.

Many of the children in Rwanda come from poverty and don’t have the opportunity to get a proper education, much less a musical one. Most of them have never even held an instrument. “Music opens up a child’s eyes, ears, heart and soul. It gives them the ability to step out of oppression and into a life of dignity and integrity to become anything they want” said Mary Fanaro. Music has been recognized as an agent of social development in the highest sense. It has been demonstrated that when a child is provided with a music education, it has a profound effect on the rest of their lives.

In a country where over a million people were massacred in 90 days, the OmniPeace School of Music Rwanda will help heal children who have suffered immeasurably. With your continued support, OmniPeace can achieve their goal in launching this initiative that is a catalyst for hope, opportunity and economic self-sufficiency for underprivileged youth.

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