Together, we will end prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) has built a global research enterprise spanning 15 countries that provides men diagnosed with prostate cancer more reason to hope than ever before.

The outlook for this disease was much different two decades ago. Many health analysts were predicting that prostate cancer would soon kill more than the 40,000 U.S. men who then succumbed to it each year. Thanks to PCF-funded research at nearly 200 cancer centers and universities around the world and increased awareness driven by PCF, today’s reality is much brighter. The death rate has been reduced by 40 percent of what was once predicted and men with prostate cancer are living longer, more productive lives.

The outlook gets brighter every day. In the past two years, five new drugs were approved to treat patients and more than 90 others are in Phase I and II trials. Three more PCF-supported drugs are rapidly working their way through Phase III clinical trials.

In short, we are closer than ever to living in an age when prostate cancer is considered a chronic condition rather than a life-threatening disease. You can help us reach this goal. First, keep the dialog going. Second, consider donating at so we can continue accelerating discovery and moving patient-centered science closer to cures for more than 16 million men and their families around the world.