Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec: it’s where winter isn’t a drag! It’s where snow is powdery and white and clean. It’s where families skate for free and don’t have to stand in endless line-ups at the ski chairlifts. It’s where snow banks are used as toboggan runs and snowsuits are worn as fashion statements.

Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean is where winter is actually fun. Another bonus? The region boasts the southernmost fjord in North America! How many of your friends can say they’ve been icefishing on a 300 metre deep fjord while on holiday?? Exactly! You can be different, stand out from the crowd, and have something amazingly cool to talk about during your coffee break!

Put your high school French to use: order a locally brewed beer or blueberry aperitif then enjoy fine dining in a comfortable fjord-side inn with a view. Relax in a Nordic spa after an invigorating day on the ski slopes, on the cross-country ski trails or exploring the snowmobile trails. Curl up with some friends by the fireplace to relive your day’s adventure in the snowy trails of the Valley of the Phantoms: snowshoeing through almost 7 metres of snow in the Parc national des Monts-Valin is a unique experience!

Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean is only a couple hours drive north-east of Quebec City or a one hour direct flight from Montreal. A FUN winter experience awaits! Grab your tuque, your mittens, and your comfiest snow pants… it’s time to relive a little childhood giddiness and leap in the snow!