In times gone by locomotive travel was an experience renowned for first-class service, fine dining and unrivaled comfort. While the world of transportation has changed drastically in the last hundred years, travelers today can still capture a sense of old-world elegance and charm. Come ride the rails from Saratoga Springs to North Creek, NY, along the Hudson River, where the romance of train travel is alive and well.

Surrounded by some of the most spectacular sights in the state, visitors from all over the country come to take in the Northeastern autumn foliage. As the summer days slip away and the weather cools, an ocular fire of vibrant color paints itself across the landscape.

Glide through the Adirondacks and marvel at some of Mother Nature’s crowning achievements on the comfortable rail cars, and get off and explore the charming corridor towns along the way. The station at North Creek operates as part museum and part ticket office, and is the central hub for train rides and community events.

A hotspot of cultural attractions and buzzing with an eclectic mix of dining and shopping offerings; North Creek’s farmer’s markets, craft fairs, antique shops and lively fall-themed events make it a popular destination for tourists. However, to quote the great American author Greg Anderson, to truly appreciate this experience we must “focus on the journey, not the destination.”

Get a front seat view of unspoiled vistas in the vintage dome-windowed cars, or unwind in the comfortable reclining seats of the family friendly coach cars. While some of the most spectacular scenery passes by your window, enjoy exceptional service and great fare. All palates will be satisfied by the diverse selection of culinary delights cooked fresh onboard.

Start your day with the breakfast of champions, the Adirondack Omelet featuring three eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheddar cheese, or indulge in an order of decadent French toast topped with sweet maple syrup served with a rasher of bacon all while sipping on a freshly brewed cup of java.

Climb aboard for a mid-day bite before exploring the shops seeking special trinkets and unique treasures. Let the conversation flow while devouring irresistible favorites like corned beef hash, BLT’s, and grilled cheese sandwiches, each served with your choice of pasta salad, coleslaw, kettle chips, or chicken noodle soup.

For a romantic experience you’ll never forget, sit back and enjoy tableside service at day’s end. Indulge in an elegant four-course dinner with wine offerings and bar service, and watch out the window as a panoply of color fades into dusk.

For a unique journey you will never forget, Saratoga & North Creek Railway is your ticket.

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